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Laura Payne-Bourcy, PhD
8 Parham Drive
Rochester, NY 14526
Syracuse Office
Scott Shablak, PhD
PO Box 35150
Syracuse, NY 13235
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Dr. Scott Shablak

Partner, has a rich professional history in educational leadership as an evaluation specialist, teacher, school administrator, faculty member, and current Director of the Office of Professional Research and Development at Syracuse University. Dr. Shablak has taught graduate-level courses in leadership development, evaluation, staff development, and classroom and organization motivation. He has served as a consultant to superintendents and school boards related to enhanced skills and relationships, as well as quality improvement. Dr. Shablak’s consulting experiences with more than 200 organizations include: formative and summative research and evaluation; professional development in educational settings; program and training assessments and evaluation; strategic planning for quality and excellence; effective leadership and supervision; organizational repurposing and planning; collaborative and interactive research; curriculum and instruction redesign; motivational instruction; data-based decision-making; improving organizational work settings for adults; and leadership development for school improvement. He has served as the principal investigator for university-based research and development teams including projects for the US Department of Education (USDE), Defense, Agriculture, National Science Foundation, Magellan Foundation, New York State Education Department (NYSED), and public and private P-16 educational organizations. Dr. Shablak holds degrees from Colgate and Harvard Universities, and a Ph.D. in Reading and Language Arts and C.A.S in Educational Administration from Syracuse University.